We are a working farm and farm market located in Muskego since 1937.  We are open for business during different seasons of the year. We grow most all of the fruits and vegetables that we sell in our market right here in Muskego on about 100 acres of cropland.  

Basse's Country Delight is managed and operated by Tom and Kim Schaefer along with the help of owner Carolyn Basse.

Our three primary crops are:

  1.  Apples - Honeycrisp and other new and old-time apple varieties

   2. Sweet Corn - Hand-picked fresh from our fields

   3.  Pumkins - All shapes and sizes already picked for sale / or you can come pick your own growing in our fields

In our market we also offer our own home-made apple cider, donuts and other bakery, honey from our bee hives located on our farm, pure Wisconsin Maple syrup, and much more.  We also have part of the market filled with hand-made crafts and decorations from local crafters - the selection changes with the different seasons.

Our Seasonal Calendar;

SPRINGTIME - Mulch available from April 2nd thru late June.  Market and Greenhouse open from May 5th thru late June.  Market is closed from late June thru Mid July - we focus on growing our crops at this time.

SUMMER  - Market opens with Sweet Corn and more - late July thru August 

FALL - Market open with Apples, Pumpkins and much more - August through November

WINTER - MARKET CLOSED - It's time to take a break and then start pruning our 1,500 apple trees before springtime arrives.